Auto Roti Maker For Home Use.

Automation has always helped mankind save time and energy and also make their lives better to live a comfortable life.Latest innovation of Best ROTI MAKER machine is become more and more popular for its use.Auto roti maker suitable for mass production of rotis by automation rather than made from home.The techniques of auto roti maker is huge and large but its simplicity to its compact body.

Auto Roti Maker

Roti maker machine for home use, which main contain to less electricity, space and gas also.Roti maker machine is fully useful for those women who work at both home and office to maintain her timing schedule.Mostly use best roti maker for home is getting success achievement to manufacturer.To make better lives of family, roti maker machine is the best way.
Solution of all kitchen is auto roti maker machine, which ‘MADE IN INDIA’. Successful end of hurdle for get testy ,healthy and softy rotis within minute.Indian roti maker is also reasonable to its price.Auto roti maker machine is always present in compact body to its design.It is maintain with function of speedy production with high quality and high quantity.Saving of time to other work .Its provide very hygienic preparation of rotis. Aim is to fulfill varied requirements of our valued country and clients. see here

Totally new and fresh invention if auto roti maker is ‘MADE IN INDIA’. Automation has always helped mankind save time and energy  and also make their lives better to live a comfortable life.Latest innovation of AUTO ROTI MAKER machine is become more and more popular for its  use.

Specification :

Model : APS-ARM-555

Rated Voltage : 220v~224v

Rated Power : 22000W

Weight : 15 Kg.

Design Type : Compact

Time Per Roti : 1 minute 30 Second

Color : grey

Material : Full Food Gred material

Best Roti Maker…

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Picking The Right Roti Maker For Your Needs

A roti maker is a machine perfect for making all types of flat breads such as rotis, wraps, burritos, puris and other similar kinds. If you aren’t already familiar with these types of breads, they can be found in many international food stores as well as restaurants. They taste amazing and our quite healthy as long as you keep tabs on the amount of oil or sauce that you dip these in. visit for ice makers.


The friendliest designs will feature a handle that is cool to touch even when the machine is heated up. Unless you enjoy to scrape the bottom of your pans for hours, look for a non stick plate which will make the cleaning a breeze. This will save you an enormous amount of time as well as make it more likely that you actually get your money’s worth and continue using it.

Although the manufacturers use various types of materials for the casing, I find that the best one is the chrome. This type of housing will last the longest, get scratched up the least and look brand new for the longest period of time.


Some of the equipment that features other types such as steel or plastic tends to get worn out very quickly and might even bend or break in places which will make the roti maker virtually useless.  One that I used to own had cracked around the edge which made opening and closing very difficult. This will not happen with chrome as the material is incredibly durable.


Power is very important in this type of a machine. The maker will need to have enough juice to accomplish fast baking of bread and around 850 watts should do the trick. Since you want to have control over the baking process, look for a temperature control to ensure that you can fine tune the performance and get the bread exactly as you want it. There should be a light in the front that lets you know when the maker is at the correct temperature as this is not something that you want to have to guess.

My family is split in the middle, as a few like their bread crunchy while the other half likes it soft. Unless you can fine tune the performance all of the breads will come out the same and you will have to either under bake or over bake (either adding or cutting minutes to the process) to get closer to what you want.


Some of the models come with a recipe book as well as the instruction manual. I feel that it does help in the beginning, but many of the standard recipes are not very good anyways. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker as there are plenty of cook books and recipes available on the web.


Do check for a good warranty, especially for the first year, as these machines usually only break in the beginning of their life.

If you cannot make a perfect roti right away, do not get discouraged, do check for best tortilla maker for roti, it might take a couple times until you get the process down. Try some different flours, mix things together, vary the time and temperature and note down the differences. Once you have a method down, you will be able to replicate it and make a perfect piece of fresh baked bread every single time.


The internet offers some of the best prices on most of these machines as it doesn’t have as high of an overhead as the offline competitors. There are also great offers available and a lot of discounted models. Browse the different sites and compare the prices and reviews to find something that you will be comfortable with. Check for the return policy and whether the shipping is free both ways in case something is defective with the product.